About Us

“Preserve the old, but know the new”

Valley Culture is tradition reshaped in global palates. The mountains have forever been a place for repose and well being. The mineral rich soil, pure and sparkling water, and most importantly the innocent natives together keep the traditional food of the mountains nutritious and healthy.

Valley Culture India, the brainchild of Vaidya Shikha Prakash and Mr. Robin Nagar, incepted in the year 2019, set foot on the foundation of ‘You Are What You Eat.’ With the mission to ruralize urban food habits, both Shikha and Robin embarked on a journey across the Himalayas, discovering and exploring communities that have been extracting, pounding, and making healthy food by hand for generations.

Mapping the superfoods certified by nature, the duo soon integrated the urban food sensibilities into age-old traditions of the food culture passed on from one generation to another by the women residing in the Himalayas.


It Is Not A Lifestyle, It Is A Culture

A sustainable culture where nature co-exists within and around the people in the form of traditional food grown from the untouched, organic, and unpolluted soil, air & water of the Himalayas.

Locally Sourced

Valley Culture India sources all the raw materials from the communities in and around the Himalayas. Pure, healthy, and organic, the raw ingredients at Valley Culture are selected carefully to deliver a pack of superfood made with conscious efforts.

Traditionally Processed

Working hand in hand with the farmers and women of the communities, Valley Culture India empowers the women workers to grow, pound, and extract food through the traditional methodologies, further ensuring the intactness of the nutrients in the traditional food being offered.


At Valley Culture India, sustainability is not a step but a process integrated deeply into everyday work. Starting from sourcing organic raw materials from communities to packing them for reusability, the products are imbibed with the ‘from nature and into nature’ values.

Client’s Feedback

What our client’s says about us.

“Valley Culture products connect the urban customer directly to the source of nutrient-dense and minimally processed per-industrialization era crops and foods. In buying from them, customers are also empowering minority farmer groups with fair wages and dignified living in remote parts of India.”

Nitin Dixit Co-founder, Greenr Cafe

Valley Culture was an amazing discovery. Their products and ingredients are so fresh and healthy that I have started using them for daily meals. Highly recommended to all.

Ruchi Mango Courtyard, Dehradun

Valley Culture is wholesome goodness. Pure , organic complete nutrition. Have tried Strawberry preserve, loved it….the taste, the purity…worth trying their products.

Tripti Behl Customer, Dehradun

Out of all the things/luxuries that money can provide – Food is the only thing that goes into our body, so its essential to eat the right products, I believe ‘You are what you eat’ . We at Sunset T Bistro, Dehradun are always keen on getting pure ingredients and Valley Culture has become an essential part of our kitchen.

Anand Kanti Sunset T Bistro, Dehradun

I totally loved the Flavour of Himalayas gift boxes. It was a perfect gift to share it with all the FLO chairs pan india this Diwali. I love the brand for 100% sustainable packing and true flavours from the Himalayas.

Kiran Bhatt Chairperson, FLO Uttrakhand Chapter