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Chakrata Rajma


This wine-coloured kidney bean is organically sourced from Chakrata in the Yamuna Valley which is a beautiful lesser-known Hill Station in Uttarakhand.

Himalayan Amaranth


The plant species Amaranth is best-known in north India as ramdana -- loosely translated as 'the lord's grain' or 'the grain gifted by god'.

Himalayan Nettle Tea Blend


Our tea blend is a judicious combination of Nettle leaves, Cardamom, Ginger and lemongrass.

*Caffine Free /

Jamun Floral Honey


Jamming with Jamun! Just the right mix of sweet and sour flavours, with a heady aroma of jamun and dollops of health, in this mouthwatering delicious honey!<

Himalayan Lychee Honey


Taste the flavours of fresh and unadulterated Himalayan lychee honey in your diet for a host of benefits endorsed the world over. Delicat

Himalayan Jungle Honey


Valley Culture’s Jungle Honey is extracted from the dense forest of Thano region of Doon Valley. The forest is home to various species of trees such as Sal

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Himalayan Navrangi Dal


Colorfully yours! As the name suggests, Navrangi or Naurangi Dal has nine colours of grains. A specialty pulse of Uttarakhand, Navrangi dal is grown withou

Harsil Rajma


Easy to cook, great to eat, this rajma is any cook’s dream come true! Grown naturally in the high altitudes of Gangotri, without inorganic fertilizers or c

Himalayan Gahat Dal (Horse Gram)


Get, set, Gehat! Love your kidneys? Go for Gahat or Gehat or Kulath Ki Dal! This superfood is a storehouse of nutrition and rich in protein, dietary fiber, m

Himalayan High Curcumin Turmeric


Bring home the healing properties of High Curcumin turmeric, sourced from the heart of the hills in the Tehri region of Uttarakhand. Use this pure haldi fo

Himalayan Curry Powder


The flavour and aroma of this curry blend is an absolute feast for the senses and hand down beats anything you will find at the store.

Barnyard Millet


Whew! This superfood is almost 3,000 years old and grown in the lap of the Himalayas, in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand. Also known as shyama in Bengali, m

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