harsil rajma

Harsil Rajma

Easy to cook, great to eat, this rajma is any cook’s dream come true! Grown naturally in the high altitudes of Gangotri, without inorganic fertilizers or chemical pesticides


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Harsil Rajma has a distinct aroma and flavour and takes very less time to cook. It absorbs water very quickly therefore easily soaked and ready in no time!

Hand up for harsil!

1) Harsil Rajma is a great source of cholesterol-lowering fibres and virtually fat-free quality protein.
2) It is also rich in vitamins and other minerals.
3) High in fibre, it helps to keep blood sugar in check.
4) Takes at least 1/3rd less time for cooking.
5) Prevents bloating.

How to put Harsil Rajma on your plates

1) Use the beans with their slightly sweet aftertaste, in salads, hearty soups or chaats!
2) Pair it with rice or roti as a simple dal, tadka, or rajma curry.
3) Try rustling up a bean pulao too!
4) It makes for a great calorie friendly and easy to digest burger patty for your veggie burgers.
5) Just add some leafy veggies, tomatoes and dressing and you are good for a great snack!

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