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Himalayan Navrangi Dal

Colorfully yours! As the name suggests, Navrangi or Naurangi Dal has nine colours of grains. A specialty pulse of Uttarakhand, Navrangi dal is grown without chemicals and fertilizers, unprocessed, under the multi-crop system.


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It is also called titriyal dal, jhilinga, jhalugu or navrangi locally. And it’s not just multi-coloured! It is renowned for a host of multifaceted health benefits too! It’s quite similar to Rajma and can be cooked in a similar way.

This dal is the real deal:

It is rich in protein and dietary fiber and many important minerals like manganese, phosphorus, potassium, iron and copper, high in folates and the B-vitamins. It can cure menstrual issues and has anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds are also rich in fiber.

How to add Navrangi to your diet

a) Pair it with bread, rotis, puris, rice, or simply like your regular bowl of comforting Rajma chawal.
b) This dal, with a bit of a bland taste, can also be had as a hearty soup.
c) All you master chefs out there can try some fusion and give a Mexican touch to your email by pairing the dal with some tacos!
d) In Uttarakhand, the bean is used as stuffed parathas, or what is called daal ki bhari roti.
e) In the East, the dal can be teamed up with fish and meat as well.
f) In the Northeast, it is used with a hint of bhut jolokia to really amp up the heat.
g) Use it in your salads for the added protein.
h) Use its flavours in tikki chats and cook it like a chhole too !

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